Olive Varietals

  • LeccinO (“Le-chee-no”)

The Leccino olive is one of the primary varieties of olives that cultivators use in the production of Italian olive oil. It is believed to have originated in Tuscany and is now grown all over the world. Due to its delicate nature, the olive oil it produces is commonly blended with Frantoio olives to create more flavor.

  • Frantoio (“Fran-toy-yo”)

The Frantoio is one of the most highly acclaimed oil varieties in the world. Frantoio olives are native to Tuscany and produce a refined, aromatic, savory oil.



Grape Varietals

Briones, CA

Briones is located in the Alhambra Valley of central Contra Costa County, California. It is on the Northeast side of the San Francisco Bay. There are several distinct microclimates in the Alhambra Valley that are ideal for our vineyards to thrive.  It has a mild Mediterranean climate. 

Elevation: 525 feet.